Uwe ochsenknecht has partnership tip up his sleeve

Uwe ochsenknecht (64) advises couples on a simple trick to determine if there is too much routine and habit in the relationship.

"I have to ask myself a simple question: did i treat my partner the way i treat him now the day i met him?? Many probably had to deny that," the actor told the "augsburger allgemeine". "There are so many interesting things you can do together, one lifetime is not enough. It’s also important not to lose respect for the other person. You can’t get used to each other."

Ochsenknecht is on friday (24. January, 20.3 p.M. On the first channel) in the ARD film "her last will and testament can kiss my ass!"To be seen together with heiner lauterbach. In this constellation, both also became famous in the comedy "manner" by doris dorrie 35 years ago. They also played together in the hit movie "welcome to the hartmanns" in 2016.

This time, ochsenknecht portrays a journalist and lauterbach a prosecutor. The two different characters discover at the reading of their wife’s will that, unbeknownst to them, they had been married to the same woman for 20 years. And then, in her last will and testament, she also decreed that her ashes should be scattered in the sea – by both husbands together.

In the "augsburger allgemeine" newspaper, ochsenknecht described his male friendship with lauterbach as one of the few in the film and television industry: "since we’ve known each other since the mid-1980s, we’ve kept in touch as far as possible. We respect each other very much and are there for each other. During filming we were together again for dinner. That’s already. Such friendship is rare in our industry."He could reveal that although no continuation of "manner" is planned, something is in the air: "we are planning something. Looks quite good that it will take place."

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