We belong together – in peru and around the world

Heike reinersmann 36 children and young people, divided into ten groups of carol singers, were blessed by pastor justin on sunday morning and sent out into the community after the service. Well-prepared and dressed in a tidy manner, the eager young people set off in the drizzle.

The sternsinger children’s missionary organization has given a lot of thought to the community in the world during the preparation of the event. You have noticed that the word "together" is a word that means "together" the central message this year is. "Because no child can grow up alone, no teenager can find orientation, and no adult can lead a fulfilled life. We belong together, we are a community in all diversity", writes the president of the kindermissionswerk, pralat klaus kramer. From this insight, the team derives the intention to focus on children with disabilities. The president invites us to "look at every human being as a child beloved by god" to set up.

The song "me, you, we comes from a facility for people with disabilities. The sternsinger in maria konigin sang it without further ado at the end of the service and also rehearsed a suitable hand clapping game for it.

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