Young girl from ebelsbach wins five elections at once

It actually began quite "harmlessly": vanessa frank was elected class president by her 27 fellow students, which is not unusual. Her career really took off. After another successful election, the 15-year-old from ebelsbach represents not only her class, the M10, but also the entire albrecht durer middle school in habfurt, which she has only been attending for eight months. And in the meantime she is active all over the state.

Why? "All the school representatives in the district have elected a district school representative and a deputy," she says, vanessa frank explains. "She then went on to wurzburg, where all the district school representatives of lower franconia elected a district school representative for lower franconia and a deputy." Then came the preliminary climax, finally she received an invitation from the bavarian ministry of education to the state school conference in munich. Two days of getting to know each other, including a few meetings and various exchanges of opinion, were enough for the girl from ebelsbach to become the new regional school representative at the end of november. "I myself am very proud to be able to hold this office and to have the trust of the bavarian schoolchildren, the passionate soccer player is still pleased, although she is still very surprised. After all, it was "a challenge and a success for her to prevail in five elections."

School life has long since returned to normal. And the opinions about the fact that the habfurt albrecht durer middle school is the state school spokeswoman are mixed. "I think that some teachers were very surprised. But also very proud, vanessa frank makes it clear and adds: "they wish me a lot of success and fun in office". And even the schoolchildren think differently. "Some were very happy for me, others don’t even know it yet", she gives a brief account of the reactions. The 15-year-old herself is "incredibly proud", that she has made it to the position of state school spokeswoman and thanks her "voters" afterwards for the trust. "It should be an incentive for the students who also wish to be allowed to hold this office one day", she says and advises: "if you have the opportunity, then try it."

She will be in office until the end of the school year. "As good as possible, as she points out. She wanted to "first and foremost" share the opinions, wishes and suggestions of the schools at the meetings, in order to find suitable solutions with the regional school conference and also with the ministry of education." All the district school representatives meet two or three times, which they have to organize themselves. She then leads the meetings of this "landesschulersrat", is also the direct contact person for the ministry of education, associations and the press when it comes to questions concerning schools or education policy. As a state school spokesperson, you should also keep yourself informed about education policy issues and take a stand on behalf of all the schools in bavaria." Last but not least vanessa could offer seminars, participate in panel discussions or publish press releases. "In general, the school representatives represent the opinions, wishes, requests and so on to the outside world."

Of course, her time commitment has increased, but she has not regretted her step. "I can say so far that it is definitely worth it." On the one hand, she had "the opportunity to meet a lot of nice people"." She also "gets some political impressions", as she points out." We have a say in many things and work "together with the ministry of education, so to speak". As a state school representative, you definitely learn to become more self-reliant, to assert yourself and to present yourself well."

It is difficult to say whether her commitment as a school representative will pay off in her future life, since her term of office is only one year." Vanessa hopes, however, that the experience she has gained with other people and authorities will be useful for her professional and private future. Social skills such as teamwork or conflict management are also becoming increasingly important in many areas of the working world."

With all the appointments and commitments, does she still have time for her sporting passion?? "Yes, definitely", laughs. She divides school, volunteer work and free time in such a way that "I don’t have to give up soccer." She has been chasing the ball for seven years, currently for SV rapid ebelsbach. "I need a balance between school, sports and private life."

July 2019 marks the end not only of their term as state school representatives, but also of their schooling as a whole, with the completion of their secondary education. Her goal is to start a commercial apprenticeship in 2019 and to complete it "successfully, of course, so that I can eventually continue my education," he said.

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